Saturday, February 14, 2009

Since it's Valentine's Day, and it hasn't been a good day (not due to my hubby, it;s just been a crappy day) I thought I would remind myself of things I love. Not the obvious things, like family and friends, because that's a given, but the little things in life that often get overlooked. The things you take for granted on a normal day, things that are small and insignificant, yet pleasantly enjoyable. I know there are many things I will forget to put in this blog, but I am going to do my best.

So here is a list of loves:

I adore the sound of children's laughter, when something is so funny to them that they can hardly breathe because they are laughing too hard.
I love the smell that's in the air when rain is on it's way.
I enjoy a good story, whether it's an actual book or just a friend telling me something interesting from their day.
I am seriously in love with Lofthouse Sugar Cookies... you know, the ones from the grocery store's bakery with the inch thick frosting on the top. Yeah, it's bad.
I can't help but laugh when my 6 year old tries to tell a joke that either makes no sense or he failed in the delivery. It's just so cute.
I love making up nicknames for my kids. I come up with new ones all the time.
Nothing makes me smile more quickly than hearing my soon-to-be-3 year old singing Pink's So What? There's just something about her singing "I'm gonna start a fight" that is irresistible.
The feeling of accomplishment after a workout gives me warm fuzzies.
This is going to sound crazy, but I really love admiring my many injuries as they are going through the healing process. As clumsy as I am, this is something I get to do a lot.
Daydreaming is something I still love to do, and I do it often, every day.
I love to push myself to accomplish something of which I thought I was physically incapable.
The smell of hot tea is one of my favorite scents.
I adore fuzzy slippers and almost always wear them when I'm at home.
The Ramones. Enough said.
Remembering the Croughton days with old friends always brightens my day.
My heart absolutely melts when I hear my kids tell each other they love each other. This is a daily occurrence in my house, and I hope it never ends.
The gloomy feeling of overcast days almost always lifts my spirits. I think it's because it reminds me of England, the place I grew up.
I love the colors of fall leaves, although we don't really get those in Texas.

I hope you enjoyed my list, I know I have many things to add, but if I keep going, this list may never, ever end.