Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fear Really is Just a Four Letter Word.

Last month I posted about an opportunity that was presented to me at the last minute. It was something I felt unprepared for, and was lacking confidence. I was out of my comfort zone, and the fear of failure was weighing me down.

Turns out, all that worry and uncomfortable feelings were a product of my own issues. There was no need for them at all. I passed!!

I am now a Certified Group Fitness Instructor! My biggest goal I set for myself this year was to pass this test and have this certification, but it's not over yet. Now onto studying and becoming as knowledgeable as I can about Fitness and Nutrition.

Now that the Primary Certification is out of the way, I am a little confused about where to go next. I would like to learn more about several different specialty classes, like Zumba or Turbo Kick, even Pilate's. The problem I am having right now is deciding what to do. I want to it all, but I know I should focus on one thing at a time, take the time to learn it, then move to the next. But where to start??