Tuesday, January 6, 2009

And I Wonder.

When faced with choices, what makes you choose the path you take?

Say, for instance, you are at a crossroads. You are unhappy with your current situation, so much so, that you either have to fix what is broken, or walk away. Two choices, both creating a whole new life for you, after a lifetime. Neither one right or wrong, just a choice that you need to make to finally find happiness in yourself again.

Then a new opportunity arises, something new and exciting, but something that has multiple consequences should you accept it. This choice will completely alter life as you know it, hurt those who love you, isolate you from the life you have lived for so long, and really cause your reality to spiral out of control.

Say your state of mind is off... you are doing things you haven't done in years to try to fill some void that the unhappiness in your life has brought on. Think of trying to control something, anything, just to feel as though you are in control of some aspect of your life, and in the process making decisions that have grave consequences.

How do you know what to do, where to go, and who to lean on for support, when you feel like you can't talk about your feelings openly without being judged? How are you expected to make the right choice, when only one seems to be enticing and easy, though utterly and completely wrong?

The choice was made, and things are a mess. Is there no return?

Can you be forgiven when you know you made the choice that hurt everyone, the choice that destroyed life as you know it? Where do you go when your life lays in crumbles at your feet? Who do you turn to? Can you make it through to see the light again? Will their justified anger ever subside? Will you ever be able to forgive yourself for the mess you created?

Or is it too late?


Shaun H said...

you can always be forgiven